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US-2015357280-A1: Memory card and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2016163081-A1: Server and method for generating slide show thereof patent, US-2016254009-A1: Identification by sound data patent, US-2017078832-A1: Optimization of MTC Device Trigger Delivery patent, US-2016273403-A1: Power generation system having compressor creating excess air flow and turbo-expander using same patent, US-2016022217-A1: Universal pressure transducer mounting device patent, US-2016309332-A1: Network node and method for detecting false base stations patent, US-2015232295-A1: Roller for feeding, conveying, and separating paper, and manufacturing method therefor patent, US-2016097838-A1: Portable sound source searching sensor and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2017005807-A1: Encryption Synchronization Method patent, US-2016125685-A1: Coat Check System patent, US-2015269582-A1: Credit Card Point of Service Payment Authorization System patent, US-2016304512-A1: Triazolopyridine Derivatives As Modulators of TNF Activity patent, US-2016299643-A1: Systems, devices and methods for streaming multiple different media content in a digital container patent, US-3500207-A: Automatic rotation correction for cross-polarized microwave reception patent, US-3768033-A: Electronic dead band device patent, US-3759962-A: New 6 alpha-methyl-19-nor-progesterone and a process of its manufacture patent, US-2016204102-A1: Three-dimensional semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2017042503-A1: Respiratory function testing system and respiratory function testing method thereof patent, US-2017059875-A1: Display apparatus and home appliances having the same patent, US-2017083485-A1: Browser activity replay with advanced navigation patent, US-2017170033-A1: Mini-environment apparatus patent, US-2017189807-A1: Method and apparatus for managing use of an accessory patent, US-2017207668-A1: Wireless power transmission system capable of continuing power transmission while suppressing heatup of foreign objects patent, US-2017209347-A1: Process for preparing an antimicrobial particulate composition patent, US-2017210666-A1: Non-contact coated glass and related coating system and method patent, US-2017218330-A1: Systems and methods for the separation of cells from microcarriers using a spinning membrane patent, US-2017246278-A1: Bipartite and tripartite signaling immune cells patent, US-2017252867-A1: Device and method for producing a spring wire, device and method for making a spring wire, device and method for producing springs from a spring wire, and spring wire patent, US-2017268175-A1: Paper composite, packaging material, and production method of paper composite patent, US-2017348894-A1: Method for producing a fibre composite moulded part, and a fibre composite moulded part patent, US-2017056469-A1: Individualized treatment of eye disease patent, US-2015298930-A1: Paper sheet type medium stacking device patent, US-2015238109-A1: Multi-function health monitor patent, US-2015246134-A1: Biotin Complexes for Treatment and Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease patent, US-2016360026-A1: Automatic wireless device message management responsive to end user preferences patent, US-2016088366-A1: Method for watermarking media content and system for implementing this method patent, US-2016099110-A1: Conductive paste for external electrode, multilayer ceramic electronic component using the same, and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2016240069-A1: System having location based proximity features and method therefor patent, US-2016255178-A1: Method of detecting packet bandwidth in a wireless ofdm network with multiple overlapped frequency bands patent, US-2016345043-A1: Multi-Channel Video Playback System with Variable Time Delay patent, US-2016234421-A1: Portable device, information processing method, and program patent, US-2016240698-A1: Semiconductor light receiving device, optical receiver module and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2016298020-A1: Heavy oil modification and productivity restorers patent, US-2016351522-A1: Package-on-package device and cavity formation by solder removal for package interconnection patent, US-2016327066-A1: Fan having cold air function patent, US-2016377425-A1: Determining multi-patterning step overlay error patent, US-2016273247-A1: Outer handle device for vehicle door patent, US-3802892-A: Glasses suitable for production of copper-coated glass-ceramics patent, US-3877-A: Cooking-stove patent, US-4506-A: Dentist s turw-key patent, US-4606-A: Warren butcher patent, US-5108-A: Window-blietd patent, US-6168647-A: patent, US-6170050-A: patent, US-6170272-B2: patent, US-6178692-B2: patent, US-6179196-B2: patent, US-6181237-B2: patent, US-6182142-B2: patent, US-6183445-B2: patent, US-6183511-B2: patent, US-6185076-B2: patent, US-6284753-B1: patent, US-6373973-B1: patent, US-6382567-B1: patent, US-6383761-B1: patent, US-6390029-B1: patent, US-6393223-B1: patent, US-6410601-B1: patent, US-6435960-B1: patent, US-6435983-B1: patent, US-6442938-B1: patent, US-6480-A: Charles perley patent, US-3906033-A: Oxalic acid diarylamides patent, US-4165425-A: Alkyl tin oxide cured polysulfide rubbers in hot melt applications patent, US-4241045-A: Purified antigen to test for Neisseria gonorrheae antibodies patent, US-4978384-A: Substituted 2, 6-substituted pyridine compounds patent, US-6195231-B1: Thin film magnetic data transfer transducer patent, US-6531270-B1: Ionic liquids as coupler solvents in photothermographic systems patent, US-6610888-B1: Reaction of a solution comprising a mixture patent, US-3882084-A: Optically cross-linkable polymer patent, US-3887616-A: Hydroxy ether carboxylates patent, US-4052371-A: Azo pigment or dye having a naphthyl-quinazalone coupling component patent, US-4248795-A: Preparation of organic sulfone compounds patent, US-5405845-A: (Pyrrolidinyl)phenyl carbamate derivatives and use patent, US-6319823-B1: Process for forming a borderless via in a semiconductor device patent, US-4127931-A: Semiconductor device patent, US-4154922-A: Polyesters of methyl-substituted polyphenylcarboxylic acids patent, US-4543385-A: Blend compositions of sulfo EPDM's having improved compression set properties patent, US-4742103-A: Curable organopolysiloxane compositions exhibiting improved adhesion patent, US-5173546-A: Nonlinear optical materials patent, US-6710160-B2: Polyamic acid, polyimide, process for producing these, and film of the polyimide patent, US-3890272-A: Polymerizing bis-maleimides patent, US-4161519-A: Process for preparing an antipregnancy vaccine patent, US-4201787-A: Isovaleric acid ester derivatives, and insecticides containing said derivatives patent, US-4499529-A: Light reflector patent, US-5872702-A: Remote control holder patent, US-6024524-A: Method of manufacturing book blocks from various printed sheets having several quarto sheets which are inserted into one another patent, US-4447283-A: Adhesive for ceramic articles and method for adhesion thereof patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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